Water Bottle Battle

Water has been bottled up and sold for many decades now and for a source such as water you would think that it would be rather cheap especially given that our planet consists of 2/3 of water! If that is the case then how come it costs anywhere between $1.19-$1.99 for a bottle of water? What is even more scarier is the fact that sometimes because of an event or because of the place water can cost upwards of $4-$5 for a resource that our bodies depend on for survival. It has been researched and proven that your body can go 30 days without food however your body can’t go 30 days without water.

The water bottle companies have been taking advantage of this and have very slowly been walking up their prices. Think about it! Plastic isn’t that hard to find and can be made into its shape in very affordable prices. Add some filtered water which as you can imagine can be pretty cheap. An entire bottle of water can be made for under $.25! That is being very reasonable. Then how are people getting charged 4-5 and sometimes 10-20 times this much for something our bodies need in order to survive? Many people think the government should step in and other people just want to boycott the water bottle companies.

Other people are finding alternatives to purchasing bottled water. Some people are taking it upon themselves the ability to use their own water and bottling up their own water. To get purified drinking water you can either go here https://www.linkedin.com/in/budgetwater and purchase water softeners and filters or just purchase the Brita which only holds so much water at a time.

It is time to stick it to these greedy water bottle companies and show them that we don’t need them! Water is all around us and if these companies want to take advantage of us like that then the citizens across the globe will begin to seek other options including doing it themselves.

New Face, New Algorithm, New Website?

Web design services can be expensive depending on what company you decide to use for your design. It is important to note that before selecting a web designer we suggest you look at their previous work to judge their experience, and also ensuring they are staying on top of the trends within the tech industry.

With Google’s new mobile friendly update, many web designers are seeing huge spikes in their businesses from all of the businesses looking to upgrade their websites to a more mobile friendly one. I guess they are scared of losing Internet traffic since Big Ole G said that would happen if they didn’t have a mobile friendly design.

We met up with a local Pittsburgh Web Design firm and got their perspective. “We have been quite busy since the mobile roll out” said one developer. We have gotten a lot of requests mainly because their website is not mobile friendly. Then we also have businesses who thought they had a mobile design and it turns out that they don’t when we run it through Google’s free tool.

Many people are scared to death that their website traffic will disappear if they don’t upgrade their site, which I guess was part of Google’s intention there! The one great thing about the web design firm we talked to is that they do custom work and then pass on that site to the owners for them to control and update. That is a very unique approach as many companies don’t have a clue what they are doing yet they want to maintain full control of what their site is doing.

Sam, who is the founder of the company mentioned that this aspect has made it easy for customers because they can allow their company to do the brunt of the work and then afterwards, they have the control after most of the work is completed already. They will have access and control to post and maintain it and we also provide training on how to do this as well Sam continues.

One thing is for certain, the Web Design industry is booming right now and perhaps we should thank Google for it. Typically, Google isn’t responsible for the web design business stats but in this case, it proves to be true.

The SEO Battlefield

In the game of search engine optimization, it can be very competitive to see who and what company gets the top result for the SEO type of keywords. It involves skill, power, and pride in saying that you can beat out all of the other SEOs in your area by get the top spot in the coveted search engine known as Google, or Big G as others call it.

Getting to the top of google is no easy feat, but when you are actually performing the service of ranking sites and optimizing websites in the search engine there is some tough competition because you get the to say you did that. It is one thing to say you do SEO but it is a completely different story when you can actually backed it up! Keywords such as Pittsburgh SEO Expert is a perfect example of this. The person who holds the top spot for that keyword can easily prove to clients and prospects that they are competent in their field by being at the top. In fact anybody on the first page would prove that you are competent in this tough industry where everybody claims that they are a so called expert. If you can rank on the first page of in the top spot for your field you get instant credibility of your skills and competency.

Newked is making trail blazes in the wind of other SEOs in the Pittsburgh region because of going out and targeting this market combined with a unique skillset that has set this company up for success. Newked is a proud veteran owned company and has deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan. This is unique because just like a competition and in this case SEO, the military can be similar in that regard.

Newked comes to war with an arsenal of weapons that are considered advanced and not widely known or used. This makes them very competitive! Look for this company to make some big moves in the SEO world.


Fun things to Do in Minneapolis

Are you planning to visit Minneapolis any time sooner? Have you done your research about the place or you are going to think about it when you reach there. If you want to have fun holidays and make best out of it, it is always better to plan ahead. In this article, some fun things to do in Minneapolis are mentioned which you can make part of your trip to have memorable time with your friends and family.

Mall of America is one of the most famous shopping centres in USA. It is not only the biggest shopping mall but you will also find lots of movie theatres and eating places there. If you are not a shopping lover and you are there to enjoy something different, Soudan Underground Mine is the right place for you. It is an underground mine containing oldest iron – a definite place to visit.

For those who are accompanying kids, Minnesota Zoo is the best place to calm down your little ones. The zoo offers interesting summer concert series if you happen to visit there in summer. You can also take children to award-winning children’s theatre company. For people who are night lovers, this city offers some interesting midnight shows and theatres. One of the most appealing features of Minneapolis is their road trip to Southern side and discovers the lifestyle of Amish communities who still uses horse and buggies as their means of transportation. If horses is not your favourite mean of transportation, what about trying a limousine company. You can hire limo service in St. Paul and enjoy the luxurious ride for as long as you wish.

While you are in St. Paul, you do not want to miss parade at Grand Old day in summer or Holidazzle in winter season. Have you heard of Niagra Cave which is located in Harmony Minnesota? This is a 400 million years old cave holding strange fossils and a wedding chapel on its surroundings. For any history lover, this cave is a must visit while you are in Minneapolis. For adventure lovers, the wild rides at Valley Fair are waiting desperately.

Of course, you cannot miss to go on a beach while you are on holiday. Try diving in the hidden beach when you are in Minneapolis this time. This lake beach is definitely a bonus in summer when you want to jump into cool water and enjoy your time with your family and friends. If you have had good time at one lake, Minneapolis has a chain of lakes for you to discover and make the most of our trip.

Carpet Cleaning Coupons

Every January we see an influx of people getting their carpets cleaned. Is this because the hustle and bustle of the holidays are over? Possibly!

Many Americans often times clean their homes after the new year for a few reasons:

  • New Year, new smell, new looking home
  • get the dirt out of the house from the chaos of the holidays
  • less to do in the spring time

Often times people also go and get their carpets cleaned as well. Many carpet cleaning companies also send out and post massive coupons to use their services. But why is this such a phenomenon?

Chantilly’s Best Carpet Cleaning out of Chantilly, VA explains it best:

“Many people like to buy when things are either on sale or at a discounted price. We know that many people get their carpets and homes cleaned after the holidays only to do it again in the spring time. We as carpet cleaning professionals advertise discounted services so people will want to use our services and then if they had a pleasurable experience using us they will be quick to use us the next time they want their carpets cleaned.”

It really is a genius way to market your business and set yourself up for more business just a few short months away. This is especially so for the northern states where the harsh winters bring snow, salt and other dirt into the home and into the carpets. Many people don’t really think of it like that until spring comes, and they want everything re-done so it is nice and fresh just like the spring weather.

chantilly's best carpet cleaning


Most companies do see a surge in their businesses in January and in the months of April and May. Todd who is the owner of Newked, says that tactics such as this really are effective. It is just interesting to see all of the carpet cleaning companies to come out of the woodwork come the new year. Meanwhile they are trying to set themselves up for another year in boosted sales and profitability. Also be on the look out for other up and coming carpet cleaning Nashua companies. This industry is on the rise and there isn’t any sight of it slowing down.


Discount Days in the Real Estate Market

Biloxi Condo 39530

Ever go grocery shopping with hands full of coupons? You walk in the grocery store and you walk out with about 500 bucks worth of food and you only really spent about 50. That my friends is how the real estate market is right now.

It has been discount days which many analysts have been calling the best real estate buyers market in decades!

That is right, that is how amazing the market is right now however, that window is closing fast!

You see, it has been discount days in the neighborhood section for the past few years. The economy, as slow and you also may not realize it, is slowly coming back to normal.

biloxi condo 39530


While the economy is taking it’s jolly ole time coming back to normal, investors from around the globe have been taking advantage of the U.S. government discount days in the housing market.

The market is starting to become slim pickings, but there are still great deals out there in which an investor or a first time home buyer can still make a reasonable roi on their investment.

It seems that some of these deals are hidden, which is probably why they have the saying “you must find the hidden gems.”

There are plenty of hidden gems in a southern place that is very underated in the housing market.

It probably doesn’t get the attention it deserves, but it shared its unfortunate times during Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita.

The market for real estate is perfect because it lays low while some of these deals have beautiful ocean front views!

A lot of investors are probably scared to invest their money in an area like that. I can’t blame them for their worries, but they are also leaving lots and lots of money out on the table.

If you need any help finding those hidden gems, I have a friend down there that could help you out. Check out Pittsburgh for more info.

If you let me know you are interested, I will put in a good word for you.

Till then..

Keep on finding those discounts and deals!


Pink Zebra: Invite a Consultant to Your Next Party


Pink Zebra


Pink Zebra

Invite a PZ promoter by Twitter…tweet us @newkedmarketing  …..to your next party and you will be able to receive free samples of their sprinkles!

The PZ sprinkles are soy wax crumbles that burn longer than most candles. They are very cute and convenient because you can also mix and match your sprinkles

to create different flavors and scents. The possibilities are endless! This company started up a few years ago from a couple who use to work together in a candle factory.

They decided to go into business themselves and they have gained a lot of popularity in the candle/fragrance niche.

So here is what you need to do to get free discounts!

The next time you have a party or a get together just invite a long a friend that is an independent consultant for Pink Zebra.

Don’t have any friends that are involved in this business opportunity? No need to worry, just hop on over to Google and try to find the closest St. Louis Carpet Cleaning near you.

Contact the promoter and say that you are interested and ask what you should do.

They will tell you to invite a few of your girlfriends over, especially if they are into smelly stuff and fragrances etc.

On the evening of the party, the promoter will come over to your house with all kinds of samples, simmers, products, product information about the sprinkles and other PZ products.

The promoter will also introduce everybody to the opportunity to join PZ. We suggest that you check out Todd Boczkowski and his PZ site for help and training.

Don’t worry about this! If you don’t want to be a promoter fine then don’t sign up.

The promoter will try and get some sales from you or your friends at the party. After the party call the best luxury limousine service in pittsburgh PA

At the end of the party your PZ promoter will often times give you some of the leftover Pink Zebra Sprinkles for you to keep! That is free product! Free products from direct sellers!

They may end up giving you a few extras too, thinking that you will call them to join their business line.

For more information on PZ or how to plan your own PZ Party click the link or visit http://www.pittsburgh-limoservice.com  and they will hook you up with a PZ consultant.

Plan your next party so you can get free stuff!


ID Life Poised to Change the Health Niche

ID Life

There is a New Company on the block, and they may just turn a few heads in the direct selling niche. It is called ID Life and they offer individual vitamin packs that is designed for your own health.

Why didn’t I think of that? It seems like a great company, which is lead by an all-star in direct selling himself! Logan Stout who has been a top-level earner and a heavy hitter within the network marketing community.

He has also done so much for his own community as well. ID has a place on their website that enables customers to take their own health assessment.

Talk about easy work! No Doctor’s office, no lines, no insurance issues as that seems to be an issue everyday these days.

You take assessment and based on what you answered in that assessment will they recommend the vitamins and dietary supplements that your body needs to sustain and live a healthy lifestyle.

Question? Where was this kind of service like 10 years ago? Seems like we should have quit our St. Louis Plumbers gig a long time ago right?

Logan Stout is determined to lift this company off the ground which it is poised to do some damage in the health and fitness niche.

Think about it, you have all of these “shake” companies but still millions and billions of dollars are still being spent on other health supplements.

People still need fish oil, some people have sleeping problems.

ID products my just help. On top of that it is very difficult to eat or consume all of the body’s nutrients to be healthy every single day.

Most doctor’s will suggest that you use over the counter vitamins, minerals, or some type of multi-vitamin to ensure your body at least gets a small dose of the healthy nutrients it needs.

Watch below as Logan Stout speaks about his Lansing Plastic Surgery business meeting event that took place near Frisco Texas.

Mr. Stout seems like a great guy and sounds like he is a great leader! It will be interesting to see where he takes his new company.

Of course just like with most direct selling companies there are promoters/consultants/associates who advertise and help promote the company product.

So what does that usually mean?

This means that there will be plenty of FREE samples to go around since all of the promoters will be going around trying to recruit more people into their business.

This is what Newked Marketing is all about free stuff! Here at Pam’s we like to offer discounts, coupons, and other ways for people to either save money, get money, or make more money.

Direct Sellers make money, help people save money, and also often give out free stuff!

Stay tuned for more offers about ID Life Products, product giveaways, the direct selling niche, or just basic ways to either save money. For more Info visit http://lansingplasticsurgey.com/

We will also offer tips and ideas to make money through the direct selling niche as well.

That is all for now..This is Pam signing off!